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My Services

About my Services

In this rapidly evolving digital landscape, it’s essential to be guided by someone who not only understands your vision but has the technical acumen and strategic foresight to bring it to life. That’s where I come in – providing effective strategies, actionable insights, and hands-on product management to steer your business to new heights.

MarTech and AdTech

I excel at optimizing your marketing technology (Martech) and advertising technology (Adtech) stacks.

By deeply understanding your audience, applying targeting strategies, and utilizing data analytics, I ensure your campaigns deliver exceptional results.

  • Stack Evaluation and Optimization
  • Audience Segmentation and Targeting Strategies
  • Data Analytics and Campaign Performance Optimization

Product Management

As a seasoned product manager, I strategize, organize, and execute every step to transform great ideas into successful products.

I oversee the product lifecycle from ideation to launch, ensuring your product meets market demands and business objectives.

  • Product Roadmap Development
  • Agile Project Management
  • Product Lifecycle Management

Digital Transformation

I guide businesses through their digital evolution journey.

I strategize your digital transformation and also ensure its successful implementation by digitizing business processes, migrating to cloud infrastructure, and training your team for a digital-first mindset.

  • Business Process Digitization
  • Cloud Migration Strategy
  • Digital Culture Change Management and Training

“A true digital wizard who knows how to make things happen.”



Service Pricing

Here’s an indicative pricing of my services



Perfect for startups seeking to establish their digital footprint.

Assessment of your startup’s MarTech/AdTech needs

Development of a strategic product roadmap

Lean digital transformation



Ideal for growing businesses ready to scale their digital operations.

Personalized optimization of existing tech stacks

Market expansion strategies

Digital transformation with employee training



Tailored to your specific needs for those requiring unique solutions and larger scale operations. Let’s talk and design a package that fits your vision and budget.

Tell me what you need!