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About me

Hi! I am Aman!

From a techie to a Product Manager and a MarTech entrepreneur, I’ve journeyed through the tech and business worlds to support businesses in their digital evolution. My career began by leading digital transformations at a startup and then founding a MarTech agency that made its mark globally.

My approach involves turning great ideas into successful products by strategically planning, organizing, and executing every step of the way,

From Syntax to strategy – A PM’s pilgrimage

Building the foundations – compiling the codes of coding!

Finding my calling – transforming digital transformations!

Spreading my wings – an entrepreneur fueling entrepreneurship!

Strategizing the future – combining business and strategy with technology!

Key Skills & Expertise

Over the course of my career, I’ve acquired and honed a diverse set of skills that allow me to provide top-tier service to my clients. Here’s an overview of my proficiency, broken down by category. Keep in mind that these represent both my depth of knowledge and years of practical application.

Product Management Skills

Agile Project Management
Roadmap Development
Lifecycle Management

Marketing & Advertising Skills

Tech Stack Management
Segmentation & Targeting
Data Analysis

Tech & Digital Transformation Skills

Process Transformation
Cloud Migration
Tech stack Integration

In the realm of digital transformations, don’t be an entity that just navigates through it – be the storm that drives it.

Aman Shrivastava

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